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The time is now to move to Windows 2003 Server.


The Windows 2003 Server family has two members: Standard and Advanced.


At the core of Windows 2003 Server is a complete set of infrastructure services based on Active Directory service. Active Directory simplifies management, strengthens security, and extends interoperability. It provides a centralized method for managing users, groups, security services, and network resources. A business server running the Windows 2003 operating system has the multipurpose capabilities required for both clients and servers in both a traditional client/server model and workgroups. Your organization might also require additional departmental deployments of file and print servers, application servers, Web servers, and communication servers. Some key features of the operating system that will assist you in installing and configuring servers that perform these various roles include:  Active Directory, IntlliMirror, Group Policy, Kerberos authentication, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security, Terminal Services, Component Services, Enhanced Internet and Web services and Up to four-way SMP support


 Windows 2003 Advanced Server provides a comprehensive clustering infrastructure for high availability and scalability of applications and services, including main memory support of up to 8 gigabytes (GB) on Page Address Extension (PAE) systems. Designed for demanding enterprise applications, Advanced Server supports new systems by using up to eight-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). SMP enables any one of the multiple processors in a computer to run any operating system or application thread simultaneously with other processors in the system. Windows 2003 Advanced Server is well suited to database-intensive work, and provides high-availability server clustering and load balancing for high system and application availability.


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